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Microsoft’s appointment scheduling service ‘Bookings’ now connects to Facebook Pages

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In an effort to better organise your daily business appointments, Microsoft launched its ‘Bookings’ service for Office 365 Premium users back in July. It offered businesses with an unique webpage and a centralized calender to share with customers and provide them with a better scheduling experience. It was launched as an universal way of managing tasks at hand and many other things.

But, Microsoft is today expanding the scope of its scheduling service beyond the unique webpage where it usually exists. It is adding a much useful and handy native integration with Facebook Pages for businesses, online or offline. This will make it easier for customers to schedule appointments as they’ll just need to pull out their smartphones and navigate to your business’ Facebook page.


Now, when a customer visits your business page on Facebook, they’ll be greeted with a newly added ‘Book Now’ button. Tapping on this button will take them to a second page where they can select the service, a staff if they want and time that works for them. They’ll then be taken to the contact information page — which is filled in for them automatically. Now, all they need to do is click ‘Book’ and voila! the appointment is fixed without a fuss.

To add to your knowledge, you’ll definitely need a Premium Business Office 365 subscription alongwith a published Bookings page to accept bookings via Facebook. Once you’re all setup, you will be able to manage all Facebook appointments alongside other bookings using the unique web interface. This will allow to address the same scheduling processes — confirmation, notification, appointments, reminders, etc directly from a known interface.

Social media is steadily becoming the centre of attraction for both customers and business alike. It is the common playground that is helping them connect and conduct business on a larger scale. This integration comes at the heels of the announcement of a series of new third-party integrations specifically for Facebook Pages. This addition finally embraces food delivery, ticketing services and a cohort of other real-life services on the platform.

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