For past couple of months, the rumor mill has been abuzz with speculations of the inclusion of an OLED mini-bar that will replace the function keys in Apple’s upcoming Macbooks. But these rumors have now been strengthened with evidence confirming the existence of the mysterious OLED mini-bar. Yes, the dreamy OLED toolbar might be real, but will it come in tow with new Macbooks!?

This comes at the heels of the announcement of the October 27 event, which invites us to the unveiling of the next-gen Macbooks. Since this refresh will be their first in the past four years, Apple is most likely to introduce some innovative features to the Macbook. And this insistent reference to something called a ‘magic toolbar’ could be key to its success.

The evidence has been presented by The Trademark Ninja(TTN), who is renowned for scowering the web and revealing trademark filings from around the world. He reveals numerous trademarks that are most likely connected to Apple Inc., but have been filed by dummy corporations around the world. The whole arguement presented below revolves around trademarks related to ‘Magic’, a monicker used frequently by Apple.

He reveals ceratin documents which detail that a corporation called ‘Presto Apps America LLC’ has applied to trademark the term ‘Magic Toolbar’ on 5th February in Benelux countries — neighbours of western Europe. It has applied to protect the same under Class 9 categories and a dozen more. We’ve called this a dummy company and a front for Apple because it was incorporated on January 22. And just two weeks later, the company filed for the mysterious keyword ‘Magic Toolbar’. Suspicious, ain’t it!?


Also, The Trademark Ninja further reports that the same corporation has now also applied to trademark the magical term globally. They filed for the protection of this trademark term just a day before the last day of the process, to probably stop other corporations to hog the term before them. This dummy company also shelled out a hefty sum of about $17,550 in filing fees to the Paris Convention. Ah!? the new company has deep pockets as well. This is a tough fact to digest, so one can concur that dummy LLC might be Apple Inc.

This is, however, just a single facet of the evidence as TNN has uncovered a strange coincidence in filing documents from Canada, Malaysia and even Indonesia. The lawyers who’ve applied for a trademark of ‘Magic Toolbar’ are the same ones who previously applied for ‘Airpods’ — the truly wireless earphones released by Apple last month.


In addition, the reports not only confirm that date for the unveiling of upcoming Macbooks, but also sheds light on other private trademarks Apple would need to file on a global scale in the coming days. There include terms like ‘Smart Button’ and ‘Apple Smart Button’ which refer to the rumored TouchID integration or ‘Touch Bar’ which might be a secondarty reference to the magical toolbar. This also includes trademark protection for ‘Smart Breathe’ which might refer to a completely redesigned cooling system.


Though The Trademark Ninja seems completely sure of his earth-shattering predictions, we’d still recommend you to take these evidence with a pinch of salt. The evidence are pretty compelling and goes along well with Apple’s history with magic words, but still we’d have to wait until October 27th to uncover the truth.

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