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About a week ago, Elon Musk announced that he will be sharing some news regarding a new Tesla product today i.e 17th October. He then piqued everyone’s interest by adding that the news shared by him will be ‘unexpected by most.’

But in a tweet this morning, legendary innovator and Tesla founder Elon Musk said that the announcement has been delayed by a couple days. He said that the product launch will now happen on Wednesday i.e 19th October.

Though this tweet might have left many Tesla fans disheartened but something like this isn’t surprising to hear from Musk. He always get super pumped about new product announcements before they’re completely ready and then has to delay it a couple days for outlining it the perfect way. This is no way suggests that the product isn’t ready for the launch, maybe he just needs a little time to better frame the announcement for full disclosure and easy understanding.

As for the ‘unexpected’ announcement, the rumor mill suggests that it could either be a new vehicle — Roadster 2.0 or a major upgrade to the autonomous ‘Autopilot’ technology that forms the hype around these wildly popular electric vehicles. It could also be the big news related to the finished designs of the $35,000 ‘budget’ Model 3 version of the electric vehicle.

In addition, Elon Musk is not only gearing up for a Tesla announcement, but is topping it up with an unexpected SolarCity news on 28th October as well. These two announcements might be interrelated and add to the grand plan of providing affordable and sustainable energy solutions to all American households. The company has today also extended it’s long-standing partnership with Panasonic to start production of PV cells and modules in early 2017. This will, however, only happen if the SolarCity acquisition passes shareholder voting scheduled for 17th Nov.

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