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Microsoft likely to release first Windows 10 Redstone build in March 2017

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Post the release of ‘much-awaited’ Anniversary Update a couple months ago, Microsoft had been planning to drop at least two builds for Windows 10 over the period of next 12 months. The first build, codenamed ‘Redstone 2’, was previously expected to make an official debut late in December but the launch has since been delayed to early 2017.

Though it is extremely hard to pin-point an exact date for the launch, but we’re now hearing rumors that the first Redstone build is expected to most likely drop in March next year. How does one get to this conclusion?

Well, Microsoft seems to follow a pattern while naming/numbering Windows 10 builds that are currently in testing and due for a release in coming months. If you take a look at previous build versions, then you’ll notice that they refer to the month and year of the release. For example: the Anniversary Update(version 1607) released in July, while the first update (version 1511) was released in November last year.

Twitter user WalkingCat, who’s known for accurate Windows leaks, has discovered several references to ‘Windows 10 Version 1703’ in recent Redstone 2 Insider builds. Thus, going by the aforementioned pattern, this points to the fact that the next build update could debut in 03 — March of 20(17) — next year.

WalkingCat seems pretty confident about his prediction and has also shared the exact location of where one could find similar references to version 1703. He says that you should try to find the “Legacy Dictionary Attack Parameters” group policy in 14946 and look for which Windows version it is supported on. Well, if you’re able to look for these settings then you’ll find that WalkingCat is correct and the version it is supported on is ‘Windows 10 Version 1703’.

In addition, Microsoft has recently sent out cryptic invites for an October 26th launch event, where it is not only expected to debut the new Surface lineup but also share major details about the future vision for Windows 10. The company has, however, already started sharing preview builds with OneCore performance optimizations, Start Menu changes, new Edge browser extensions, UI changes, among other features to Insiders in the Fast Ring.

Thus, the next update for Windows 10 is coming out in March next year. Seems plausible, ain’t it!?

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