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Tesla quietly removes the entry-level Model X 60D from its electric car lineup

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While Tesla is yet again taking over the interwebs for one of its ‘most unexpected’ launch events in the coming weeks, the company has quietly dropped the 60D version of the Model X SUV. This battery-limited version of the all-electric SUV which was released in July this year, has now been removed from the design studio on company’s website, reports Electrek. The same, however, still remains a part of the Model S fleet.

Chopping off about $6k from the basic Model X 75D, the company set out to introduce a pocket-friendly version of their electric SUVs that were gaining immense popularity among the populous. The Model X 60D was birthed with almost similar features, a 220-mile range, top speed of 130 mph, and a 75 kWh battery capped at 60 kWh(which could be expanded in the future).

With the removal of the 60D, Tesla has also revised the prices for its Model X vehicle which will now be available for purchase for a hefty $85,500 without the tax proceeds. It is about $11k more than what you would have needed to shell out for a 60D. In addition, the company has also introduced some minor changes including removal of two color options, and making the $3,000 Air suspension standard across all Model X vehicles.

The 60D wasn’t already a so-called budget offering but cutting the same from its lineup significantly increases the entry level for the 7-seater electric vehicle. While there is no certain reason for the impromptu removal of the variant just a mere three months after its announcement, but there’s the grim possibility of it tying with the upcoming launch event. It could also be related to the splotchy sales figures of the mid-tier Model X 60D, which people were probably skipping in favor of the Model X 75D.

Elon Musk doesn’t seem to be paying much heed to the discontinuation of one of its recent electric vehicles, but is gearing up to introduce some game-changing tech at the event on October 17th. Our most likely guesses would be — finished designs of the Model 3, the Roadster 2.0 or major improvements to the autonomous driving system.

What would your ‘most probable’ guess be? Comment down below.

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