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Chrome is one of the most popular browsers used for scowering the web, but we are all aware of the intensive workout it is for our computer’s processor and memory. Google is already aware of this unfortunate problems and is now working towards correcting the same with its updated V8 JavaScript engine. This will help you immensely reduce the memory footprint of the browser, when the finished product launches in the coming weeks.

As modern websites become more complex, memory intensive and reliant on current technologies like JavaScript, the browser also needs to adapt to be able to accommodate the needs of the same on their system. Thus, Google has further optimized their V8 engine to focus more on the main hysterics of the webpage rather than the collected garbage heap in the background. It has also been able to reduce memory fragmentation, which has further led to a drastic 50 per cent reduction in RAM usage when compared to Chrome 53. These test results have been compiled using some of the most-frequently visited websites such as NY Times, Reddit and YouTube.

These is just a fairly basic number for the average data heap collection, but more optimization is in the works — especially for lower-end devices with less than 1 GB of memory. This memory-intensive update, with the optimized V8 engine, is set to roll out to all Chrome desktop users on December 6th. But if you’re the impatient ones of the bunch( like me), then you would be able to get your hands on it earlier using the pre-release code. Once you update your browser on a tightly-packed low memory device, then you’d easily be able to make out the differences during multi-tasking. The transitions will be way smoother and none of your open tabs would crash due to low RAM on your desktop PC.

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