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Apple seeds second iOS 10.1 beta with ‘Portrait Camera’ mode to public beta testers

iOS 10
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Though it has just been three weeks since the release of iOS 10, Apple has already started seeding beta updates to its developers. Following in the footsteps of the first iOS 10.1 public beta, the company is today seeding the second beta of an upcoming release to public testers. As expected from a beta, the company is looking to gather some feedback on upcoming feature upgrades for the next iOS update.

The second iOS 10.1 public beta has dropped a couple weeks after the previous release which brought alongwith it fixes for headphone, Photos and app extension bugs. This new beta release for iOS 10.1 bring along one of the most-awaited feature required to make full use of the exciting dual-camera setup on the iPhone 7 Plus. Yes, you might be right, I’m talking about the ‘Portrait camera’ mode that was demonstrated at the launch event last month.

The feature isn’t currently available in the official release of iOS 10, but a preview version of the same has been available in developer and public updates and it works pretty well. The feature has been designed to capture the depth of field of an image and apply a DSLR-like blur effect over photos using the dual lens setup. Using this, you can make the front(or near) object stand out over a blurred background. This is also known as ‘bokeh’.

The two cameras in the iPhone 7 Plus work simultaneously to capture multiple images, which help the image signal processor create a depth map, which can then be used to recognize main objects(or people) in focus while applying an artificial blur to the background. This update also includes some bug fixes and performance improvements, alongwith some minor tweaks to the message interface, and the app store.

In addition, other noticeable changes introduced in the iOS 10.1 beta includes a new toggle setting to downplay message effects, a fix for motion handling, and access to barometric pressure data for iPads. Cupertino has also made tvOS 10.0.1 beta 2 for Apple TV and watchOS 3.1 beta 2 available for developers to test alongside the new iOS 10.1 beta.

As we all know iOS 10 is the greatest iOS release from Apple in a very long time. So those craving access to new feature updates before the official release, click here to sign up for the beta testing program.

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