We’re literally just moments away from the unveiling of the next generation Google Nexus Pixel smartphones, but another retailer has now accidentally leaked the specifications of the devices on their website. Following in the footsteps of UK retailer Carphone Warehouse, it is none other than the oh-so popular U.S telecom service provider Verizon. But, there’s new and unknown called ‘Google Magic’ featured in this leak! What? Magic? I’m intrigued..!!

Gizmodo(and Android Police) both have spotted the upcoming device listings on the carrier’s ‘Enterprise’ website — which sells smartphones and tariff plans to businesses. In the listings, which are no longer available, you could easily find both the Pixel and the Pixel XL surface on the ‘Smartphones’ page. And with nothing left to imagination, serial tipster Evan Blass a.k.a @evleaks also tweeted images of the smartphones that’ll be available on Verizon Wireless.

And moving away from the previous leaks of White and Black models, the Verizon exclusive devices will be available in a set of new colors — Silver and Blue(deep blue). And one can easily see that Verizon has refrained from adding their own branding on the back of devices this time around. The smartphones hosts only a simple ‘G’ or Google logo on the rear, at the lower end. And as I’ve already said, it is highly reminiscent of the curves and design of the iPhone 7 or the HTC Desire 10.

Wait! We’ve been ranting about the blue and silver colors, and its yet another leak. But, we’re here to talk about the unusual appearance of a feature that has neither ever appeared in leaks nor has it been talked about by anyone on the interwebs. Yes, I’m talking about the oddly-named feature called ‘Google Magic’.

What is this magic thing? software? enterprise services for busnisses? or just the funky and catchy name for the upgraded version of Google Now or Assistant? And will it make the Pixels more useful and robust?

Credits: Gizmodo
Credits: Gizmodo

There is currently no solid evidence about the use of these feature on the Pixel smartphones, but the interwebs are now abuzz with speculations and conspiracy theories about the same. AP has been able to snag another screenshot of the Enterprise listing which reads that the smartphones will feature something also called ‘zero touch provisioning’. And as for as our understanding goes ‘Google Magic’ could be a new set of robust software and services that’ll make the Pixel smartphones a more valuable proposition.

Credits: Android Police

Though the insistent leaks have acquainted us with the complete device specifications, I wouldn’t rest until I know all about the official devices. And now ‘Google Magic’ has peaked my curiosity even further.

Stay tuned for an in-depth live coverage of the hardware launch event tonight. Google is expected to not only debut the two smartphones, but also a new 4K Chromecast Ultra, a new $129 Wi-Fi router, a new convertible tablet and probably another new OS. We could also be greeted with the pricing and availability specifics of the Home device as well.

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