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Google launches search cards to help students shortlist colleges for higher education

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The happiness of growing up and graduating from school/college is one thing, the stress of searching and shortlisting the best institution for higher education is another. And with the college season approaching, millions of students in the U.S. will resort to extensive online(Google) searches to find in-depth information regarding the courses.

So to make things much simpler and convenient for students, Google has shouldered the responsibility to help you decide and compare the best institutions this year. The company has today announced that it has come up with a new results card, which will display in-depth search results from the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard.

By surfacing this information directly in Search, people will have access to detailed information and data as they approach decisions about higher education. Now whether they’re looking for average tuition costs with financial aid, searching for a school with a high acceptance rate, or projecting how long it will take to pay off student loans based on average salary after graduation, Google can provide that first step into deeper research online, 

says Susie DePianto, Senior Product Manager, Education Research in the blogpost.

Of course, one can always retrieve extensive research information about the institution by themselves, but it takes longer to dig within websites and come across such results. Google might not cover all the aspects of an institution but it does summarize the most significant information, students generally look for and this facilitates their research.

Over time, Google has been trying to integrate a hoard of services into its search engine, to make it more efficient and robust. In India, it has come up with a Health Search to make it convenient to find healthcare information based on a particular symptom or the disease itself. It has also added food delivery services into its search results. The latter enables one to book a table with Google Search by clicking on a partner’s link, which redirects you to their site to let you complete the procedure.

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