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Screach is an interactive broadcast technology company that provides a data-driven digital marketing platform for venues. In a funding round which included Max Capital Partners, the Angel CoFund, NorthStar Ventures and Hotspur Capital, it has now acquired £1.3 million. 

Screach allows retail and leisure venues to make use of customer data to generate relevant and interactive content through a variety of channels, and hence get it to potential customers. These include venues’ television screens, WiFi and customers’ mobile devices.

Robert Rawlinson, CEO of Screach, is quite optimistic about putting the new round of funding to multiple uses. Among them would be enabling the company to enhance and improve its success in the pub market, look at even larger addressable markets in other sectors, and look at expanding outside of the UK, where there lies further enterprise and opportunity.

Tim Mills, investment director at the Angel CoFund, is equally enthusiastic about the on-trade industry, and says that it provides ample incentive and really stands to rake in the benefits of innovation and disruption that work wonders for the customer experience. He added:

“The potential to take Screach’s tested platform and transfer its technology to other sectors, as well as the company’s longer-term plan to establish itself as a digital advertising network, made this a team and a company that we wanted to back,”

Screach’s round of generous funding, as well as the confidence of its investors, marks a part of the wave of startup culture that is sweeping through the UK in current times. With the increase in opportunity, incentive and resources available to startups, as well as the availability of transferring utility to online platforms, there exists a congenial environment not only for new businesses to come to the fore, but also for users of various commodities such as music, retail, housing, and entertainment, to name a few, to benefit from this movement.

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