The partnership is NPHVA’s first industry partnership with Grab, in its efforts to champion the interests of private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers. It seeks to safeguard the welfare and livelihood of private hire vehicle drivers and works with government authorities and other industry partners to address driving-related issues and concerns, says the press note.

The association is supported by Singapore’s National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), an organization that comprises several trade unions and professional associations in the country.

This collaboration marks the start of regular dialogues between NPHVA, Grab and their drivers to facilitate operational and driver-related issues on the ground, as well as other driver-centric activities to promote driving as a viable income source and help drivers maintain a sustainable driving business.

A key highlight of the partnership is the ride hailing service’s support for the formation of a NPHVA branch. NPHVA will be working with Grab driver communities for them to identify and nominate suitable drivers to be included in the branch committee, to better represent the unique needs of such drivers.

With the branch formation, NPHVA will serve as the voice of Grab drivers, helping to raise individual concerns and collective issues with Grab. NPHVA will also facilitate two-way flow of feedback between Grab and their driver. This will allow both Grab and drivers to hear and understand each others’ considerations, thereby fostering stronger partner relationships.

Mr Lim Kell Jay, Head of Grab Singapore, also expresses his hopes for the partnership,

Our partnership with NPHVA is a testament to Grab’s commitment to out-serve driver partners and further complements our Driver Sustainability Programme to ensure higher and sustainable incomes, lower operating costs, and safety and well-being of drivers. Together with NPHVA, we are setting a new standard for the private-hire vehicle industry.

NPHVA is also tapping on the Labour Movement network, working with e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) to provide this opportunity to various groups of workers, such as those who are in between jobs, or mature workers who may have some time on their hands or have been retrenched.

The organization has began providing educational workshops for drivers, including financial management, legal education, and issues like the upcoming vocational license that Singapore will impose on all private hire drivers. It also offers benefits like mobile plan discounts, fuel, medical check-ups, vehicle insurance, and so on.

Moving forward, NPHVA, with support from the National Trades Union Congress, will continue to look after the needs of PHV drivers, and help raise industry standards for the benefit of commuters.


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