A machine-learning platform for the recruitment industry is just what’s needed to tackle the masses of people hitting the job market every day, and do them all justice. ThisWay Global, an online recruitment platform, doing exactly this, has acquired $1.6 million in seed funding led by Imperial Innovations. 

Also propped up by other investors like US-based Jetstream Ventures and Grupa Pracuj, a global recruitment tech firm, the startup plans to use the money to expand its offering to recruiters and HR departments. It is also looking to further enhance its machine learning platform, and expand internationally.

Angela Hood, CEO and founder of ThisWay Global, sees this as an excellent opportunity to exploit the high levels of customer interest that has come their way. She sees fit to use it as a diving board to expand on international frontiers, continue to develop their data analytics platform and recruit the highly specialised talent needed to continue to grow the business. Commenting on this latest development she said,

This new funding gives us the ability to do in minutes what it would typically take a recruiter 40 hours to do. It means they now have the time to do the high-touch work, leaving the high-tech part in our hands.

ThisWay Global was developed at IdeaSpace, Hauser Forum, within the Institute for Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge. The platform matches candidates and applicants to job opportunities appropriate for them, which streamlines the recruitment process in a big way.

Investors too see the firm as bursting with promise in what it has set out to achieve. Kelsey Lynn Skinner, director of Tech Ventures at Imperial Innovations, said,

The company, while still early in technical development and commercial execution, is typical of our seed investment strategy for UK emerging technologies with high potential impact in large global markets.

For that much-needed boost into the job market, enter ThisWay!


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