Blizzard finally releases a brand new Overwatch patch/update to its PTR(public test region) and a whole host of generalized updates and bug fixes are to be expected. Updates which most probably will include balance tweaks to the likes of Ana, Widowmaker, and Junkrat.

Ever since the game was first released to well received critical and commercial acclaim just a few months ago, Blizzard has consistently been refining and upgrading the game, very much to the satisfaction of its 15 million player  count(and still counting).

Now that the multiplayer based first person shooter is well into its second season of Competitive Play, Blizzard has been grinding it at work for the next batch of updates and improvements, and with a new patch having just been released to its Public Test Region, players can soon expect several fresh updates – such as balance changes to Ana, Widowmaker, and Junkrat(long overdue).

According to Blizzard’s official Overwatch PTR notes, although there’s no indication of Ana being over or under-powered, her Nano Boost ultimate ability will now cost about 20% more and the radius of her Bionic Grenade has been increased by about a meter in order to make her a more viable character. The balance changes will also be extending to the game’s other sniper, Widowmaker, whose Widow’s Kiss scoping-in time will now be reduced from the previous 0.5 to the new 0.3 seconds in order for players to acquire targets more quickly, making it slightly more challenging.

Apart from the stated character balance changes, there are several minor user interface updates that are also expected, of which, the most notable change being the fresh inclusion of two new aiming modes for controller users – Dual-Zone mode and Exponential Ramp mode. The new patch will also feature a listed series of bug fixes and several general updates, the most notable ones have been listed here:

  • Static cameras are now supported in spectator mode
  • Team names can now be edited in custom games
  • Raised the volume of Hanzo‘s Dragonstrike voice line while wearing the Okami/Lone Wolf Skin
  • Heroes hit by Ana’s Nano Boost have a new voice line that informs other players
  • Increased frequency of Reinhardt’s “barrier failing” voice line
  • Custom Games can now be paused
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