While Google is gearing up to introduce its new rebranded Pixel smartphones at the launch event on October 4th, we’re now hearing chatter of yet another device — that may make an appearance on stage that day. Yes, the company will potentially unveil a new simpler, and smaller ‘own-brand’ Wi-Fi router called Google WiFi. This event is slowly turning out to be about Google’s in-house hardware innovations.

According to AndroidPolice, the new wi-fi router will launch alongside the Pixel smartphones, Google Home(the Amazon Echo competitor powered by the almighty Assistant) and possibly a 4K Chromecast streaming device. The device will have smart features similar to the OnHub router, and will probably provide an enhanced range as compared to typical wi-fi routers, claim sources aware of the development.

But, Google WiFi is expected to bring in a new feature to the mix, that will make it a handsy product for daily usage in our homes. The company is pushing a ‘mesh’ or ‘modular’ technology that’ll allow you to connect(or link) multiple router points and extend the network for better coverage within your home. The report has also been corroborated by Droid-Life, who believe that a combination of wifi routers will cover every corner of the house, thus cutting down on any weak spots.

The point of Google WiFi is to be very much like Eero or Luma, two WiFi router products that expand in a house to help it cover every corner, so that you don’t have any weak spots. They work similarly, where you start with a router connected to your modem and then continue to add on new routers or modules to expand the network.

If you are worried about security there, understand that new modules or routers will have to be a “trusted” module, signed by Google.

adds Droid-Life.

And what would the new wi-fi router cost you? The Google WiFi device is expected to run you a bill of about $129.

If you keep up with technology then you should probably know that Google already has a range of wi-fi devices under the ‘OnHub’ moniker. These wi-fi routers, launched in partnership with TP-Link and Asus, first saw the light of day at a similar hardware event in August last year. To improve upon traditional router, Google had introduced a good-looking device which can be controlled using the smartphone — via an app of course.

There is currently no information whether the new Google branded Wi-Fi router will be clubbed under the ‘OnHub’ brand but you can definitely expect it to work with them. And from what I read, the design could be very similar to the oh-so popular and small Amazon Echo Dot. Yay, this has surely got me more pumped for the launch event.

Stay tuned for more leaks, updates and an in-depth coverage of the Pixel laiunch event on October 4th.

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