The most successful PC gaming peripheral brand, Logitech has bought out Saitek and a long line of flight simulation controller assets from MadCatz spending $13 million in cash. The company officially announced this exciting acquisition today via a press release.

Saitek is a brand best known for its spot-on flight simulator peripherals that have commonly been used in games such as Elite: Dangerous and Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Ujesh Desai, VP of gaming at Logitech stated in the official blog post that the company is thrilled about becoming a “bigger part of the simulation community”.

We already make gaming wheels for the driving simulation market and this new line of products will provide an even more complete experience, whether you’re into driving, flying or exploring space, there are fresh new titles available and more to come.

Some of these titles are even VR enabled and we believe that dedicated controllers will stimulate and enhance the total VR experience. We care about this space and want to do right by its fans. We have a vision that will take these products further, faster.

Desai further added that more updates and synergies will soon be in the works, as the fresh integration of Saitek’s classic products into Logitech G’s prominent portfolio progresses.

Saitek was founded long back in 1979, by Swiss technologist Eric Winkler. It was later acquired by MadCatz in 2007 for a hefty sum of $30 million. Following the consequent buy out, Saitek’s North American operations were immediately transferred to MadCatz’s San Diego offices. They have been best known for their PC gaming controllers, mice, keyboards, and several of their analogue flight controllers such as joysticks, throttles, and rudder pedals.


As for more on Logitech products, they recently revealed a brand new mouse, keyboard, and headset lineup. Prices start at around $70(Approx Rs.4700), and you can check them out for yourself here.

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