Cisco, the multinational network solutions firm has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Telangana government to transform the state with Digital Zone smart city project, which includes establishment of a City Digital Platform(CDP) in Hyderabad.

As part of the agreement, Cisco will deploy City Digital Platform on a 2.2 km area near Hi-Tech City in Hyderabad. It will open a centre of excellence and a Living Lab on the T-Hub premises in IIT-Hyderabad to bolster innovation and enable startups to build solutions around internet of things (IoT), cyber security and engage in rapid prototyping..

The project would have multiple applications ranging from smart Wi-Fi, smart parking, smart lighting, and traffic analytics at key junctions. It will also work to facilitate Remote Expert for Government Services (REGS), smart environmental sensors, smart waste management, and a smart control centre to monitor and manage the city with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Cisco will work with local ecosystem partners to deploy the service. This will result in a model that the Telangana government wants to replicate in other regions of the State. The repercussions of the pilot phase will be carefully studied by key Government officials to advise Cisco & Mtuity on the technology interventions for bigger expansion across multiple pockets of Hyderabad City.

The firm will also help remote education in 10 schools in Karimnagar to deliver remote interactive education, would involve setting up of virtual video-based classrooms in 10 remote schools. The HD-quality video conferencing solution will connect the district school to the remote schools for the sharing of faculty.

Cisco will also install digital solutions to enhance the experience of visitors to the historic Qutub Shahi tombs near Golconda by deploying digital solutions for enhancing the experience of visitors. They will be provided with public Wi-Fi, surveillance, smart lighting and smart parking solutions. The solution is expected to cover three acres of the monument site.

The agreement took place as part of IT Sectoral Policy release program held at High Tech City here on Thursday.

Digitization will be key to how cities, communities and countries maintain global competitiveness, increase GDP growth, foster innovation and create new jobs.

said Dinesh Malkani, president of Cisco India and South Asia.

This is another step towards showing how concerned and connected Cisco is with the Indian startup ecosystem. It has recently also announced a brand new LaunchPad program to further aid and accelerate India’s startup ecosystem. The program will focus upon providing industrial mentoring to developers and startups, based upon their needs. The selected startups will also receive a space at Cisco’s Bengaluru campus, to work on projects with the company itself.

Add to this, the Cisco Digitisation Acceleration and Cisco Investment programs and the significant footprint of 11k people on its payroll, the company is betting big on the rapid growth of the Indian internet economy.


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