The launch of the Microsoft exclusive, ReCore, today on the Xbox One as well as Windows 10 PC is not just note worthy because it’s a new game from the classic Mega Man and goofy zombie based Dead Rising designer Keiji Inafune. It is also the first title in Microsoft’s highly marketed and boasted Xbox Play Anywhere program, which brings the console experience closer to the PC than ever before.

Announced during E3(Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2016, the Xbox Play Anywhere initiative lets you buy a game supported by the program(digitally) on Xbox One and, in turn, get the Windows 10 PC version for free or vice versa.

All Microsoft gamer progress and achievements will be shared across the platforms, so you can start playing on either system and switch to the other whenever you feel like it without needing to start it all over. And according to Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg, the Xbox Play Anywhere program represents, for the company, a “tremendous value.”

As for more upcoming Xbox Play Anywhere titles, we have Forza Horizon 3 (Release: September 27) and Gears of War 4 (Release: October 11), while all the 2017 titles sponsored in the program include 343’s first shot at strategy games, Halo Wars 2 along with Sea of Thieves, and Scalebound. And what makes this even better is that it’s not just Microsoft-published games in the Xbox Play Anywhere program, titles such as Ark: Survival Evolved and Cuphead have also been given a spot.

Though not everyone has been psyched about Microsoft’s attempts towards bringing console games to PC (something that Aaron Greenberg has already responded to during an interview). The executive added on to say that a big part of the reason why Microsoft is launching the Xbox Play Anywhere program is to help catch up with what has been the general norm in several other forms of entertainment for many years now.

If I buy digital entertainment content today, movies, music, et cetera, it streams across your devices. So we wanted to enable that for gaming, and that’s a consumer benefit.

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