At dmexco in Germany today, Google announced two new updates to its ad innovations that will help brands connect customers with what they want at the right time. These new capabilities are specifically aimed at mobile-first users.

The new features AdWords is getting are the next generation of Universal App Campaigns and TrueView for action. Both these, Google claims, are sure to allow brands to better connect with their customers.

Apparently, AdWords has delivered more than 3 billion app downloads to developers and advertisers, until now. This is a huge number and Google seems to be very proud boasting it. But a great user base isn’t always everything. Brands and advertisers need to attain customers that are vital to their business — users who can help the company achieve its goal.

Keeping this in mind, the company is introducing whole new Universal App Campaigns. This service will be going live globally to all advertisers and will help them find customers in accordance to their defined business goals.

trivago, a popular hotel search app, has already been using this service for a while now. And according to Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President, Ads and Commerce at Google, the company saw a good increase in its value, thanks to the new version of Universal App Campaigns.

The brand cares deeply about helping travelers find the perfect hotel room and knows that users who tap on a deal are more likely to take the next step: book a stay,

he writes.

[…] Universal App Campaigns was able to find users who were more likely to click on hotel deals in app to book a room. As a result, the travel brand acquired customers who were 20% more valuable to its business across both Android and iOS.

The businesses can choose the in-app activity they require to achieve their goal. To keep track, you can use third-party measurement partners or Google’s app measurement solutions like Firebase Analytics to measure those activities. With all that set, Google’s artificial intelligence will take it from there. Using the new service, Google will then refine your ads so you can reach your most valuable users at the right price across Google’s largest properties.

Depending on the types of users engaging with the ads, Google will then show more of your ads on those types of consumers. May it be via YouTube, Play or plain old ads on web pages.

Next up is a new format that encourages users to take any online action that’s meaningful for your business. Called TrueView for action, the service makes your video ad more actionable by displaying a tailored call-to-action during and after your video. This means ads can now become skippable — advertisers only pay when an ad gets viewed completely or drives a download or purchase.

Apparently, this new format will be useful for advertisers in “high consideration” industries. These include financial services, automotive or travel.

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