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Echo Dot, an innovative device from Amazon which gives Bluetooth speakers power to respond to voice commands, has been sold out since July. But now, it seems that the new cheaper version of the same is not far away.

Apparently, the company accidentally sent out a tweet introducing Amazon’s newer and cheaper Echo Dot device, but then, it deleted the tweet as quickly as it sent out, reports Recode.

While the company has already deleted the tweet, some users got the attention of the company’s tweet. According to those users, the newer device will cost $40 to $50 less than the original price. The original Echo Dot, which is currently sold-out was priced at $89.99.

In the tweet, Amazon included a link at the end, which now points to the “sold out” page of the Echo Dot. Interestingly, there is no mention of this new device on the link provided in the deleted tweet.

So now, you’ll have to wait for the e-commerce giant to officially announce its new Alexa-powered speaker if you want to buy one. We believe that the Echo Dot is coming soon, for $49.99, all thanks to someone from the social media team who jumped the gun. This is a ‘big’ blunder on part of the social media team, but has raised the bar and hopes of the pupils who’ve been waiting to get their hands on a mini home speaker since July.

Amazon’s Echo Dot has almost everything that you expect from a speaker, including long range, far-field voice capabilities, a microphone off button, an action button (for WiFi), volume ring control, and “Alexa”, a voice assistant which can play music, tell you news, weather, traffic, sports, answer questions, and much more.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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