Though most Android smartphones these days allow you to download and transfer an app to the SD card on your mobile, but storage is still a prominent issue for those only using the built-in storage. And when the on-board storgae runs out, you need to scour for which apps to keep or delete to download the next one.

Most people are of the habit to go and checkout the total file size before downloading any new application from the Google Play Store. But to see this minute detail about the application, one needs to first tap on the app’s card which takes you the app page. Then you need to tap ‘Read More’ and scroll to the very bottom to know the exact size of the file you’re about to downlaod. Yeah, i know, sounds like a chore, right??

Well, Google seems to be of the same opinion and believes that the whole file size experience isn’t intuitive and needs to be fixed. It is making a minute change that will make it much easier to find an app’s actual file size, without having to navigate to any other screen, reports AndroidPolice. This includes showing the file size front and center(well, actually on the right) on the app’s card.

As seen in the image above, the total apk file size will be displayed on the app card, just above the price of the application(if it costs something, and is not free). This server-side change that Google is currently testing has been confirmed by various users around the world.

This is obviosuly a minute change, but worthy one nonetheless. Though I’m unable to see the changes myself, but it seems to me that displaying the size on the card is making it more cluttered with data. And it no longer looks as clean and bold as it did before. And since it is currently just being tested by a group of select users, it is not certain if we’ll ever see this change roll out to all in the near future.

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