Gone are the days when you needed a day off or a free evening just to get your phone repaired! Enter Singapore startup Fynd, which gets your gadgets quickly fixed in the comfort of your home.

Fynd allows you to get a repair person for your phone, tablet, or computer at your preferred location, be it your home or place of work. It promises to fix your iPhone within 30 minutes while iPad and Samsung phone within an hour.

The startup claims to offer competitive pricing because it doesn’t need to maintain a shop front. Even so, if you need a replacement screen for your phone, you may still be better off buying a new phone altogether. Started by three friends with years of experience in enterprise IT, Fynd is a website where customers can find qualified technical support in their area to help them with their gadget problems. Those who are skilled in IT can also sign up to take on support jobs for Fynd.

The website lets you select certain presets to determine available services, including the type of device and the nature of your problem. Then it tries to offer a quotation, if one is not automatically available, it puts you in touch with a person to work it out.


At the same time Fynd also helps to empower the lower income group in some way. The top technicians are mostly young, in their 30s and earn approximately S$5000-S$6000/month even without a degree. The startup which launched in 2014 has recently scored a funding of about US$385,000, in a round led by Far East Ventures. With the funds, Fynd plans to grow their market in Southeast Asia. Their services are currently available in Singapore and Hong Kong, and is about to launch in Jakarta.

Albert Tirtohadi, co-founder and software developer, explains that his original idea for the company was to come up with a business model that makes money, he says,

I tried different ideas in the last couple of years without success. With Fynd, we have made great progress as there’s a large demand for phone repair.

Tritohadi explained the next challenge for them is to scale as fast as they can, while making sure they stay true to the promise of reliability and trust that lies at the heart of what we do.

Fynd does not only offer services to repair smartphones and tablets. They repair computers and laptops, identify and remove viruses and malware. Also, the startup offers to set up your operating system, software & hardware along with corporate services for SME level companies. With all these services and the fact that they come to your location to repair your gadgets, it looks like Singaporeans now can enjoy more free time.


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