Following mass criticism on how Apple Music looked and worked, the Cupertino giant had announced plans of a revamped version of its Music service at WWDC this June. And sure enough, we got a brand new interface for the platform along with a ton of useful features. The company had also announced a personalized music playlist called “Discovery Mix” which is going live today for Apple Music subscribers who are beta testing the soon-to-be-released iOS 10 mobile operating system and macOS Sierra with another name.

Called “My New Music Mix” playlist, the service is almost identical to Spotify’s year old “Discover Weekly”. The service comes up with a list of 25 new songs every Friday based on those you like to play (Yeah, same as Spotify). The interesting thing here is Apple rebranding the service. The whole idea behind this development is unclear but it seems as if Apple wanted to avoid the service sounding way too much like Spotify’s mix.

If you want to try out this service, you just need to head over to the “For You” section of the Music app. While all that is great, most people would like to know which service is better, that is, which algorithm is more efficient.

We can’t predict that quite yet, as Spotify’s personalised playlist is over a year old with over 40 million users and Apple’s service isn’t even officially out yet.

This isn’t the only new personalised playlist service Apple users will be seeing in their favourite music service either. Users can also say hi to Apple’s original “My Favorites Mix,” which updates every Wednesday. This list of tracks is home to all your favourite music, but it also adds in new tracks based on these artist and genre likes. So, that’s definitlely something new from Apple.

Both the services work can be worked with similar to Spotify’s. Users can subscribe to either playlists and configure them to automatically download the new tracks as they arrive. The are both now available in the Apple Music app on iOS 10 beta, as well as in iTunes 12.5 on macOS Sierra.

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