Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Pain was a massive game. Anyone who’s played it is familiar with the lengthy hours they put into completing each of the 50 missions which also included re-runs for the development of the mother base. Konami provided players with a decent story but failed to impress with it’s ending. Despite it’s award winning game-play and story, many were left dissatisfied with the ultimate stealth em’ up’s conclusion.

While promoting the upcoming money printing machine that’s the  Metal Gear Solid 5: Definitive Experience, the official Metal Gear Solid 5 twitter account was challenged by several users in regards to the supposedly ‘unfinished’ game. To which it responded firmly by shutting the down the possibility of a 51st mission ever seeing the light of day.

When asked by one particular loyal MGS fan that exactly how long will players need to continue asking for a more conclusive and satisfying ending, the official MGS account responded with this:bmhb

When asked a much more direct question: “How is [the incoming Ground Zeroes/Phantom Pain collection] definitive if the ending is still missing?”, the official handle replied with:


You can have a better look at the thread in its entirety here (which however will include significant story spoilers so “Spoiler Alert”). Nevertheless, this is the first time Konami has officially bothered to put the idea of ‘finishing’ Metal Gear Solid 5’s story, as it were, to bed.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Definitive Experience is supposed to release this year, next month, October 13. The first Metal Gear game without the legendary series creator Hideo Kojima—Metal Gear Survive—is due during some point next year.

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