Artificial Intelligence, the rising star of the technology world is being employed to automate various day to day tasks. And to help automate some crucial tasks in the e-commerce sector, AI startup Staqu has built an API Suite that compromises of a virtual search engine and a hybrid recommendation engine.

A year after inception, the Gurgaon-based startup is today announcing its first major partnership with leading e-commerce fashion store Yepme. The task at hand for Staqu is to enhance Yepme’s backend technology with its AI-powered product suite.

This primary aim of this partnership is to provide a refined user experience for customers of Yepme. The integration of Staqu’s AI stack into the e-commerce platform will aid the customers using four key services — intelligent similar product recommendations, visual search, automated meta-tag generation and complimentary product recommendations.


Starting with the Similar Products Recommendation Engine, it will use deep image understanding to provide the users with most relevant products and fashion accessories  as suggestions. The Visual Search does exactly what it says. This feature requires you to upload an image of the product you’re looking for instead of typing in the same. It will then sift through its humongous catalog to spew out the same product.

Yepme’s platform will soon also be able to recommend complimentary fashion products to match your style and complete the look. The recommendations will be based on popular fashion trends across the world. Last but not the least, Staqu’s AI-suite will also employ optimized and automated Meta-tag Generation for the purpose of product cataloging.


Commenting on the partnership, Atul Rai, Co-founder & CEO of Staqu says,

Yepme is a household name in Indian e-commerce. We are excited to synergize our technical expertise with the mass appeal and services rendered by Yepme.

Our intelligent product suite will make it extremely easy for the new and existing users of Yepme to easily discover the items of their choosing, along with discovering the latest fashion trends. We are hopeful for a long-term association with Yepme that will allow both the brands to realize their business objectives and goals.

Staqu was established in 2015 to explore a niche for their products in the e-commerce and mobile sector . It has recently snagged an undisclosed investment from the Indian Angel Network(IAN) to expand the computational strength of its AI research lab(VGrep). The funding round was led by Ajay Gupta, Bikky Khosla and Neeraj Singal on behalf of the IAN.

Staqu was also chosen among the top four participants by IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program as part of their Smart Camp challenge. It was recognized as the most promising B2B startup in the regional round.

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