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“Crowdsourcing Summit” aims to invigorate the crowdsourcing movement on a local level

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In recent times, internet has been a major catalyst for social productivity engaging India’s decision makers and entrepreneurs to connect with top experts in crowd sourcing. Digital Empowerment Foundation takes an initiative with Crowdsourcing Week, to organize the Crowdsourcing Summit in the Paul, Bangalore on 10th September to address the needs of today’s leaders to bring about meaningful change.

The summit is uniquely designed to help businesses, governments, innovators and not-for-profits tackle risk mitigation and stakeholder orientation while creating a culture of openness and innovation. It will serve as a catalyst to help organisations take a holistic look at their operations, engage their stakeholders and create long-term value. Also, it aims to help to invigorate the crowdsourcing movement on a local level through ambassadors who will build community and represent the Crowd Sourcing brand in their region.

Companies and enterprises can now engage with their stakeholders on a completely new level, through more than just social media interactions, and can actually work together to create value for everyone. Crowdsourcing is where social media turns into social productivity.

said Epi Ludvik Nekaj, Founder and CEO of crowdsourcing week.

The one day program will consist of sessions like keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshop, networking games and interactive session with the most innovative minds. The event comprises three panels, the first panel discussion to be held on Is Crowdsourcing an answer to Social Development?

The eminent speakers in first panel will include Preethi Herman (Country Lead & Campaigns Director,, Aarushi Batra (Social Media Head, Robin Hood Army), Anshu Gupta (Founder & Director, Goonj), Osama Manzar (Founder & Director, Digital Empowerment Foundation), Rajan Narayana (Director, SecondAvenue), Ramakrishna NK (Co-Founder & CEO, Rang De) and many more.

The second panel will emphasize on the current crowdfunding landscape in India and will involve discussions on What are the Challenges? What is the Potential of crowdfunding?

The speakers would include Satish Kataria (Managing Director, Catapooolt), Garrett Kinsman (Industrial and Graphic designer), Ishita Anand (Founder & CEO, Bitgiving).

The third panel will focus on how the startups are hopping on the bandwagon of sharing economy and where is it going? The speakers would include Jonathan Bill (Co-Founder,Venture Foundry India),Karma Bhutia (Founder & CEO, Ishippo), Mayank Mittal (Director, Qualitrix) and many more.

Crowdsourcing Week has travelled to 14 countries, and this is its first summit in India. It seeks to promote organizations and innovators looking to embed the power of the crowd in their products and services, connect the dots in the global crowd-powered marketplace.


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