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Looks like we are gonna see a fresh pair of Beats headphones at the September 7 Apple event

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We should now literally get accustomed to this — companies messing it up with their press releases, or perhaps their communications team messing it all up after a long night hangover. Interestingly, Beats hs sent out press releases and other French media outlets saying that they should expect new Beats products on September 7 during Apple’s press conference.

The company, which was acquired by Apple almost two years back, but it still continues to run as an independent entity. Having said that though, we haven’t really seen one of the more notable audio equipments maker to have taken center stage at any of the previous Apple events. That might soon change.

The press release which french news outlets received came out with an headline (translated)

a selection of new Beats by Dre products will be unveiled

Of course it isn’t really sure as to what the product will be. However, looking at the overall trend in the headphones segment, we might see a set of wireless headphones coming up. Also, since it is rumoured that the next iPhone may not house your good old 3.5 mm audio jack, it is for sure possible, that Beats launches an iPhone-only headphones for the new device. There have been rumours that Apple might come up with lightning earpods along with a converter to enable you to use your old 3.5mm headphones. In both the cases, these products could well come out via Beats.

[dfads params=’groups=-1‘] further notes, that there have been references to three new models of wireless headsets or headphones in a recently discovered Beats administrative document. In fact, Apple already has a trademark issued for the word ‘AirPods’. Sounds futuristic already.

Beats could better its current offering of wireless headphones and make the connectivity even more clearer than the current Bluetooth ones. It could also come out with those ‘Airpods’ Apple has trademarked, which could very well be a different set of equipment, workable only in the Apple environment. Because, you know, Apple wants more of your money since you aren’t really buying iPhones the way you used to.

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