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Though Google Search has been allowing you — Android users — to scour for information from within Google apps since 2013, it is today upgrading and adding a new search mode specifically for the same work.

The new search mode, called ‘In Apps’ lets you quickly find appropriate content not only from within Google’s apps, but also from third-party apps installed on your phone. This exclusive feature update appears as a new tab within the Google app, and shows you search results including contact info, specific messages, music, videos and notes.

Also, since the ‘In Apps’ feature needs to sift through info within your apps, it doesn’t need an Internet connection for the same. It doesn’t need to connect to the cloud and can work offline seamlessly. This step might have been taken to ensure the protection of your very dear privacy, which you might think is is danger if your information is being synced to Google’s cloud.


The ‘In Apps’ feature currently works with apps like Gmail, Spotify and YouTube, with support for more apps, including Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Evernote, and ToDoList coming very soon. Since it shows your personal results, you also have the option to control what apps appear in search results by going to Settings within the Google app.

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LG’s upcoming V20, the first Nougat-powered smartphone, will be the first smartphone to launch with support for the new feature via a dedicated shortcut on the homescreen as well as the second screen. In addition to supported apps, you’ll also be able to search for information with LG’s pre-installed apps.

Though the Google app hasn’t received an update on my Redmi Note 3 yet, but there is a ‘Phone’ tab appearing in the search results instead of an ‘In Apps’ tabs. The Phone tab is showing functionalities and results similar to those mentioned above, but I can’t be too sure if its a test or not.

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