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With each upcoming rumor and leak, it is becoming rather clear that Apple’s roadmap for the next couple of years is full of innovative, and unexpected changes. A new report from Bloomberg, today, details some new features that are expected to make their way to the upgraded iPad ‘Pro’, Mac laptops and desktops. It also says that Cupertino is looking to get back in the monitor game in partnership with LG.

iPad Pro

Let’s start with the handy iPad and move up the hierarchy. Apple started integrating iPad exclusive features, like dual-app multitasking mode into the software last year. And according to sources familiar with the matter, Apple is currently working on similar exclusive software upgrades to include wider OS-support for the ‘Pencil’ stylus and hardware performance improvements to cater to professional users.

Expanding the functionality of the stylus beyond specifically developed apps, Apple is now considering to allow users to annotate and write notes in a host of applications, including Safari browser, mail, iMessage, etc. This feature and functionality could be similar to that of the stylus offered alongwith Samsung’s Note series.

On the hardware front, the new iPad Pro will pack in a faster display technology that allows users to pan, zoom and scroll smoother than before. Apple, however, isn’t planning to unveil the new software features and the upgraded iPad lineup until next year. Also, there have been speculations that Cupertino is phasing out the smaller 9.7-inch iPad in favor of a new bigger 10.5-inch model.

Mac (laptops+desktops)

While Apple has recently take a more minimalistic route with the release of the iPhone SE and Macbook Air, but it is now planning to finally reboot its professional lineup. And you wouldn’t even have to wait much longer, as Cupertino is expected to debut these refreshed Mac products as soon as October.

There have recently been insistent leaks about the release of a slimmer Macbook Pro lineup with the presence of a secondary OLED touchscreen above the keyboard and touch ID integration. The mini touchscreen will replace the function keys, and allow you to control basic functions such as the volume, media playback and browsing.


This Macbook Pro, though sleek, would stuff more functionalities into its aluminum chassis than its outdated brethren. Apple will also give the machine a performance boost by including, USB-C, Thunderbolt 3, Retina display and a more powerful+efficient graphics processor. This massive design overhaul has already been confirmed by coveted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo(and Bloomberg) in an earlier report.

The updated Mac laptop lineup will also include tweaked MacBook Air devices with multi-functional USB-C port technology(for charging and data transfer, like in the current model). The report also claims Apple is working to release an AMD graphic processor option for iMacs, alongwith a standalone monitor to connect to its computers.

After discontinuation of the 27-inch Thunderbird monitor, there has been chatter about whether Apple will get back in the monitor business or not. Well, its seems that answers is yes. Apple is currently working with existing supplier LG Electronics on a new high-resolution 5K display. The tech giant already sells an iMac with a built-in 5K panel.


There have recently also been rumors about the release of a new and updated Apple Watch in the near future, but the watch still isn’t expected to include cellular connectivity options to the watch. Reports suggest that the small size of Apple watch pose main problem to accommodate a cellular chip antenna inside it.

But in another push towards fitness and activity tracking, sources say that Cupertino has managed to fit in an independent GPS chip into the new watch. You will now be able to accurately track your walking or running distances without being near your iPhone. It is also expected to include a barometer and have superior waterproofing capabilities.

Though we’ve discussed all changes coming to the Macbook Pro lineup, but there is currently no word on the updates to the circular Mac Pro workstation computers that were released in late 2013. There is an immediate need to refresh these products as well.

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