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Halo 5: Anvil’s Legacy DLC details revealed along with release date

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Lock and Load Spartans! 343 Industries really knocked it out of the park with Halo 5’s multiplayer even though the same cannot be said for it’s highly anticipated and vigorously marketed single player Campaign mode.

With the ever expanding library of maps and weapons with every consequent DLC on top of the already refreshing new game play style with down the sight aiming, requisition systems, ledge climbing and just over all faster movement speeds, 343 set the multiplayer to last for a good amount of time(Hopefully until the next installment).

To keep the loyal players engaged yet again, we have Anvil’s legacy, dropping September 8th, as the latest addition to the legion of maps, weapons and armor. The DLC was announced earlier this week by 343 and we now have the complete Requisition line-up, detailing what the latest expansion has to offer.

As announced earlier this week, the new maps are called Temple (Warzone Assault) and Mercy (Arena). Mercy is a reimagining of Halo 4’s Haven map. New additions to the roster weapons include the Tactical Magnum, as well as Wicked Grasp and Berserker’s Claw, which have been classified as rare and ultra-rare respectively.

Halo 5’s senior systems designer Dan Wiksten from 343 industries has shared more insight on the new assaults cannons in 343’s newest weekly blog post, which can be found below the video.

Assault Cannon: Wicked Grasp

Need to protect a base against infantry? The Wicked Grasp should make it easy to hold on and defend. It fires a burst of homing plasma shots that will drop a Spartan really quick. The projectiles have a slower velocity than most UNSC weapons, so effective range is diminished and the weapon is best used at short to mid-range.

Assault Cannon: Berserker’s Claw

Equally effective against infantry as well as medium vehicles, the Berserker’s Claw requires a short charge up before it can be fired, but does fire projectiles that will explode on impact and possibly take out a cluster of targets with one shot. The projectiles also track flying vehicles, and are a great counter to early vehicle play.

As for more Halo 5 news, Microsoft had also confirmed earlier this week that the Halo 5 Forge tools will be released by September 8, along with Anvil’s Legacy. 343 will provide more insight into Anvil’s Legacy and show it off during a live-stream event on September 6.

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