The Playstation 4 has always been the better console in terms of sales. And Sony stands proud on that fact. Despite consistent sales ever since the release, they’ve done everything they could to make sure that their customers fall short on complains to make. Safe to say, they’ve done a fairly good job at it.

But one innocuous little issue that has been common to everyone, be it an old or new user — it’s something thats even bothered users of the competing platform, The Xbox One. The dreaded day one and subsequent updates that all players have to go through before they can finally enjoy what they paid for.

According to a report in WSJ(fortunately for you loyal Playstation fans), Sony has planned to tackle this issue with new standardized models of the Playstation 4. These models will be updated pre-purchase, so no more sitting around, impatiently waiting for the update to complete as you pace back and forth in the living room.

As Indians, these updates can come as a unique pain to most of us, given our magnificent net speeds(Looking at you, BSNL). This new strategy definitely comes as a boon to us and many others like us.

This plan appears to be a scheme by Sony with an intention to keep charge of the console market. It’s timing also comes off as fairly strategic. Already official, Sony has plans to introduce its newer high-end version of the Playstation 4 next month along with the new standardized model. Sony sees this as an attempt to continue adding in both casual and hardcore fans to its already gigantic player base.

All of these strategies fall in place to pump up even the weaker markets for the console, such as Japan, where Sony has seen comparatively weaker sales. A local Japan Video game magazine portrayed decline in sales for the console in recent weeks, which may be part of the reason that the company has cut down on stocks for the console.

As quoted by the chief of the videogame floor at a major electronics store in Tokyo:

The white model was gone two weeks ago and we just sold our last black model in stock, Our central purchasing department warned us we wouldn’t get any for now because the item is simply not in distribution channels.

Hideki Yasuda, analyst at Ace Research Institute, said that the upcoming PlayStation 4 consoles are part of a larger thrust to speed up the business that includes the introduction of virtual-reality headset, PlayStation VR this October. Sony has been trying to lure a wider and more diverse audience to its PlayStation network by adding non-game content, such as the PlayStation Vue cloud-based TV streaming service.

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