Generating revenue out of videos on online platforms has always been a dream for many. While some are doing great in this industry, others are not. For these YouTube stars, Google is opening up a physical store in London where they will be able to set up shop and sell their merchandise.

While the traditional method of monetizing your content by the use of ads and clicks is great, Google wants its best content creators to earn hard cash.

The Creator Store, as it’s called will be part of the new YouTube Space, which launched this week on the ground floor of Google’s 11 storey office in King’s Cross. It will open in about a month from now. And will be home to the most popular YouTube artists. These stars will have access to the company’s very own studio for recording content and sharing it on its website, too.

Google says that this center has been designed to help YouTubers improve the quality of their videos, be it by offering them access to workshops or giving them access to equipment they wouldn’t otherwise be able to get their hands on.

As for the goodies, the store will sell everything you might’ve ever dreamt of. Starting from t-shirts, mugs, picture frames, books and anything else that you might find in a fancy gift shop, everything will be available at Creators Store. And to top it all off, these things will all be designed and developed by designers and branding teams working with some of the most popular creators on YouTube.

According to the web giant, all the hundred percent of the revenue generated by selling these fancy items will go directly to the creators.

The YouTube space is also home to a barista bar and a community area that can be accessed by the public. It will also be used to host book signings and product releases, Google said.

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