If you’re an avid online shopper, you’ll have noticed a new bar on the top of the Amazon homepage. The ribbon reads “Featured on Product Hunt,” and will offer you products for purchase that have previously been hot on Product Hunt’s website. Product Hunt is a San Francisco-based startup that helps search for and use the hottest new apps, websites, gadgets, tech creations and more.

The new store has been launched under the Launchpad sector of Amazon which debuted last year. This sector aims to bring products from VC firms, accelerators, incubators and startups to tech and goods enthusiasts. Amazon’s new partnership with Product Hunt goes both ways.

Not only is Amazon promoting hot products from Product Hunt, the latter will also offer a way for its users to buy products from Amazon through a drop-down option on the product’s page. Product Hunt users can also follow a new collection called The Launchpad list, which allows you to buy the products directly from Amazon. Users will also be able to design and feature lists of top LaunchPad products on both Product Hunt and Amazon.

All this will happen right after Product Hunt becomes a part of the Launchpad section.

Looking closely into the products, you will observe a new “Featured” badge on many of them. This is used to indicate how many ‘upvotes’ a product has garnered. But this isn’t the actual popularity of the product. It merely suggests that the given product is appealing to a sector of enthusiasts.

Product Hunt was founded by Ryan Hoover in 2013 with an aim to share and discover new tech products. The service features a leaderboard that publishes new products suggested by its users. Users can also vote on their favorites and post comments.

Recently, however, Product Hunt has been looking for ways to generate revenue from its users. Seeing it that way, the partnership with Amazon comes in a very crucial time. Earlier, users would just be able to view products on its website. But now, they can use the links offered to buy the stuff they like at the best price on Amazon.

According to CEO Hoover, Product Hunt will earn an affiliate fee, matching those in Amazon’s existing affiliate program.

“We are working hard every day to make Amazon LaunchPad the go-to destination for customers who are interested in the wide variety of products available from up-and-coming startups,”

head of LaunchPad Sateesh Srinivasan said in a statement.

“By teaming up with Product Hunt, we can even better understand what is new and exciting to their community of technology enthusiasts.”


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