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As soon as the iPad Pro hit the markets, Microsoft had released an awesome update to its Office client that made full use of the Apple Pencil feature. The company had introduced a new drawing tab option that allowed users to draw or annotate on their documents, spreadsheets or presentations. Redmond has announced today that the same feature is hitting the iPhone app as well.

Previously, we saw this feature on the iPad Pro as well as on Windows. Most people loved the feature as it enables you to draw, mark and annotate almost anything within Word, Excel and PowerPoint. After failing to grab ahold of the mobile market, the company had started focusing on providing productivity apps and services across all platforms.

Microsoft’s Office suite has, for long, been the apex service in terms of productivity services. This has been the reason for the extreme popularity of the service on the i-Platform as well. With the new drawing tab option released for the iPhone, Apple users will now be tempted to use this service as well.

The Draw tab will allow you to select from a handful of different tools, including a pen, a highlighter or an eraser, to make notes or pictures on your documents. The feature also allows you to set the thickness of your lines as well as their colour. The tools are also pressure sensitive, allowing you to manage the thickness by pressing hard or soft on the display. This, however, isn’t very flexible. This feature universal across Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and you can simply use your finger to draw over your documents, spreadsheets or presentations.

Clicking on the option, you’ll be taken to a simplified page layout, where you can draw on top of the text document. The feature still has a couple of issues here and there, but we’re sure Microsoft will get them cleared up via future updates.

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