Singapore based Tueetor, an online marketplace that matches learners and trainers based on a set of criteria they submit, has secured $1.48 million from iGroup Ltd to expand its platform.

iGroup, a provider of research information resources and library technologies, invested in the edtech startup to launch a fully automated learner-trainer matching platform. Following the investment, Tueetor will be launched progressively in the 16 countries iGroup currently operates in.

Tueetor matches learners on the basis of  subject, level, qualification, teaching experience, rate/budget; preferred time and location. It aims to address the two major problems faced by parents in their children’s education – affordability and accessibility. A mobile app, available in both iOS and Android, will go live in the next three months.

Unlike yesteryears, private tuition today is no longer considered a luxury. It is a supplement that helps students stay ‘in line’. This is especially so in our ultra-competitive Asian societies. And according to the figures by Forbes, North America and Europe are catching up too.

said Tan Han Sing, Tueetor’s Executive Director, in an official statement.

In the next two years, Tueetor intends to move into other Asia Pacific markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai and  explore more cities in China. It is also planning to target Japan and South Korea – the world’s largest private education market by value.

A rising segment of startups are focusing on education sector. They are using technology to create personalised learning experience for students and building solutions to enhance creative learning. While many are focused on facilitating preparation for various competitive exams through app based modules.

Recently, another edtech startup Cialfo  had raised an undisclosed amount in pre-Series A funding to expand its Asia footprint through software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform offering to education institutions and private college counsellors.


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