If you’ve been playing siege for a while, you may be familiar with the fact that certain players are using unauthorised software to cheat their way to victory. And as an honest player, you sure as hell have been frustrated by it. And this should help you rest easy, Ubisoft is planning to rain down on these miscreants just how you’d like them to.

Almost all multiplayer games see their fair share of cheaters each day, the more popular the game, the more cheaters you come across, just take Pokemon GO or Overwatch for instance, these games are filled to the brim with spoofers and hackers. It’s unavoidable.

What matters is what the developers plan to do about such things, in the case of Overwatch, the devs have already started singling out and banning players one by one. Pokemon GO on the other hand is expected to unleash a ban wave in the coming weeks which will supposedly take out a magnificently large number of players(faking their locations) in one stroke.

Such actions are appreciated by the gaming community, at least the honest part of it.

Ubisoft’s Kraken, BattlEye, has been tracking down such offending players and will be culling them in no time.

Since its launch, BattlEye has been tracking various cheating software that cheaters have been running in Rainbow Six Siege, but it has not been actively banning,

it explained.

Starting today we are going to begin banning players who have been detected by BattlEye, starting with several waves of players that have been identified by BattlEye since its integration.

Now, its a well known fact that cheating softwares tend to adapt to such detection measures, so Ubisoft has ensured that it will keep updating BattlEye to stay one step ahead of the cheaters.

And as Ubisoft recently revealed, the online community for siege has only grown from launch day till now, we can expect the game and the development on and for it to remain active in the foreseeable future.

The latest expansion pack for Rainbow Six Siege — Operation Skull Rain became available across all platforms on August 2. It features two new Operators and a map set in Brazil.

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