Cupertino giant Apple might be readying itself to unveil the next iPhone and we already know a plenty about it, but details about a new Apple Watch have been almost abysmal. But KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo — who is well known for his insight on Apple products — has sent out an investor note dropping information on Apple’s six-month wearable timeline.

The investor note obtained first by MacRumors predicts that Cupertino is likely to launch an all new upgraded watch — dubbed Apple Watch 2 in the second half of 2016. It is believed that the Watch will retain its general design scheme, with similar screen sizes and thickness as existing models, but will now pack an upgraded set of internal specs.

The internals of the Watch are likely to pack a faster 16nm TSMC-built processor, a barometer, GPS and a thinner display. In addition to this, the new Watch will also host superior waterproofing and a larger battery to power all the new components being added to the upgrade. This battery power upgrade will prevent Apple from reducing the thickness of the new Watch, reports Kuo.

This is the first set of extensive changes that we’ve heard of about the Apple Watch since its release two years ago.

Kuo believes that Cupertino will also introduce an upgraded version of its first-generation Apple Watch with the aforementioned processor and water-proofing upgrades. It will, however, not house the most significant additions of this upgrade, the GPS and the barometer. The new and upgraded 1st-gen Apple Watch, however, is expected to receive a price cut and debut alongside the new Watch in late 2016.

And if you’re waiting for a substantial design overhaul and more medical and health applications to arrive to the Apple Watch, then Kuo believes that you might have to delay your plans to buy one until 2018. It is also believed that LTE cellular connectivity wouldn’t be supported by the Watch until 2017.

He finally adds that Cupertino will focus more on improving its shipments in the coming years and they are expected to rise further in between 2018 and 2020.

We’re currently awaiting the launch of the new iPhone, the iPhone 7, which is expected to launch in the first week of September. There have been many rumors, but the most concrete one, shows some new hardware additions, including a new dual-lens camera, wireless connection port and no headphone jack(still debatable).

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