With the Rio Olympic Games 2016 opening tonight, Google has found the perfect way to get you pumped up and boost your sportsman spirit. It has managed to pack within its latest doodle a set of fun and quirky games, where you can act as a fruit and experience the fun of olympics.

Sounds fun, ain’t it! The introduction might have given you a vague idea, but let me tell you about it in a little more detail. For the next couple of weeks, your Google app will act as a mini game center, which you can access by opening the Google app and tapping on the doodle on top of the page.

And voila! You have access to a set of free minigames where-in you can pick any of the available fruits and partake in a sports activity. For example, you have the option to run as a strawberry to protect yourself from being squished by a giant watermelon or you can also pick to be a lemon who is swimming in ice water.

And I cannot even begin to imagine what’s more quirky — the fruit-based minigames or Google is calling it “The 2016 Doodle Fruit Games” !!

In addition to this, other games allow you to take the place of a floating apple and shoot raisins into a football net, become a grape on the back of a spider and jump hurdles, play tennis as a dedicated pineapple, ride bicycle as a coconut or play minigolf using blueberries.

According to the blogpost, the Google app will feature a different minigame each day, so don’t forget to return back to the app throughout the week for a chance to become the ‘Pineapple Federer’. The first batch of games are currently live on both Android and iOS.

Sounds fun or fairly boring? Comment your thoughts down below.

Here’s a launch video of the mini-olympic games. Enjoy!


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