By now y’all might already know that the game — Rainbow Six Patriots — that you’ve eagerly waiting for has been cancelled. But, now we have the answer to question — Why?

The developers behind Rainbow Six Siege answer questions regarding the cancellation of the highly anticipated Rainbow Six Patriots.

When the narrative focused trailer for Rainbow Six Patriots dropped in 2011, it had gamers on their heels. The Rainbow Six series has been best known for its strategic and tactical first person gameplay with well designed missions which force you to to plan out your own and your team’s movements to complete the mission objective.

The one thing the earlier games, however, lacked was an intriguing plot and this was the issue Ubisoft and the Rainbow Six developers sought to address with the new story focused “Rainbow Six Patriots”.

Unfortunately, the developers felt that the game wasn’t up to par and had, by that time, decided to focus more on multiplayer instead. And it was this cancellation that gave rise to Rainbow Six Siege, originally called Rainbow Six Unbreakable during the development process

Ibterview with Rainbow Six Brand Director Alex Remy

When asked by Gamespot whether the team brought anything over from Patriots, brand director Alex Remy stated that beyond a few multiplayer technological elements, Siege began pretty much as a clean slate.

In terms of design, direction, and vision, Patriots was much more a story-driven, narrative-driven game, With Rainbow Six Siege we sort of took a very, very different position and vision at the time… We really flipped in terms of vision and direction. Even on the team side of things, in early 2013, we were 25 people. And pretty much the whole 25 people were new to Rainbow; they were not people from Patriots except a couple of us.

Remy explained that the team also wanted to focus more on sustainability for the Rainbow Six franchise. Ubisoft and Remy’s team decided that the way to achieve that was to double down on competitive multiplayer:

We really wanted to focus on multiplayer because we felt that’s where the franchise should go. And building that game around multiplayer, we thought this is how we were going to get some sort of sustainability in the long term. So I think that’s one of the things we were adamant in doing–building the game for the long term.

He continued:

All [those] competition and esports aspect[s] [were] important to us not so much in terms of the sort of ‘esports phenomenon’ that we may or may not drive, but essentially because we deeply feel that when you do build a game for esports, that is a game that will be extremely tight and extremely solid in its foundations, design, and tech, which benefits everyone.

For any gamer who prefers Multiplayer over Single player, this decision may have come as a blessing, but that isn’t the case for Single player junkies such as myself.

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