Using office on mobile couldn’t have gotten easier. Google has today announced nine new add-ons for Docs and Sheets that make working with Google’s office programs on your mobile device much easier. The addons are now available for download on Google Play as applications  and within both Google Docs and Sheets.

Google had partnered up with several partners in order to get these add-ons up and running. Each service has its own function and surely all of them will be very useful to office users on mobile. The add-ons can either be downloaded from Google Play or can be accessed from add-ons menus in both Google Docs and Sheets on mobile, the company notes.

Add-ons have been an active part of office applications on desktop as well as online productivity tools. Just taking the example Microsoft Office, the productivity platform has a wide range plugins and add-ons to make creating and editing documents easier. This is the first time Google has brought these services to mobile.

For instance, we have DocuSign‘s add-on that will help you  trigger or complete a signing processes in Docs or Sheets. ProsperWorks users pull CRM data into Google Sheets. AppSheet lets you create mobile apps from data in Sheets and Scanbot lets you scan business documents using OCR then insert their content into Docs as editable text.

There are five more apps as add-ons including Google’s own tool for Classroom, its educational platform, PandaDoca document signing tool, ZohoCRMa collaboration tool, Teacher Aide (this is also compatible with the Classroom add-on), a tool that assists teachers in many classroom related tasks, and EasyBibthat is a bibliography tool.

According to Google, there will be many more tools coming in the future as new partners come up. Hopefully, we’ll have a wide variety of add-ons for mobile just like we have for desktop and web productivity tools by the end of this year.

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