You already know ESL is coming to India. Wait what? You don’t. Go HOME! It is India’s first major electronic sports tournament and you don’t know about it yet ! We told you too. Anyways, just read this and you will be up-to-date. And when you’re done reading that, come back to this story.

Well, to add to the already built-up excitement of this must watch tournament is this — Asus will be the one providing all the necessary online gaming hardware, ESL teams will need. Awesome, isn’t it !

ESL, one of the largest and renowned names in the electronic sports industry has recently introduced the gaming tournament in India through a partnership with NODWIN Gaming. The e-sports competition also carries along with it the prize tag of a staggering Rs. 42 lakhs.

The official hardware and accessories bundle provided by Asus for this particular gaming tournament comprises of an Asus B150 Pro Gaming/Aura Gaming Motherboard, Asus Strix GeForce GTX 970 OC 4GB Graphics card to power the core functionalities of the PC.

The B150 Pro Gaming/Aura motherboard is a feature-packed ATX gaming board which comprises of unique RGB LED lighting for a customized gaming look. It supports 6th generation Intel processors with compatibility for DDR4 RAM and SupremeFX gaming audio. The Strix graphic card is also a powerhouse as it comes with a factory-overclocked(1253 MHz) core, which delivers a cool and silent gaming experiences.

In addition to this, Asus is also adding to the tournament rig an ASUS VG248QE 144Hz 1ms monitor, ASUS RT AC3200 Tri band Gigabit routers, along with the ASUS Cerberus Keyboards, Mice and Mouse pads for a seamless gaming experience. The tournament rigs have been assembled with the help of Mr. Amey ‘Darky’ Gokhale, who is recognised as one of India’s finest overclockers.

Commenting on the partnership, Akshat Rathee, Director and CEO of NODWIN Gaming adds that,

ESL India Premiership is the biggest e-sport tournament in the India and we would need the best equipment in the world to execute an event of such magnitude. ASUS hardware has been consistent when it comes to delivering exceptional quality and performance.

Their vision and drive for PC gaming will be the perfect partnership with ours to drive E-sports in India and give many a people to dream it as a real career.

Asus runs a partnership program, dubbed ‘Powered by Asus’, under which the company provides its partners with custom-built rigs using their award-winning hardware and technologies. The rigs are designed keeping in mind the destined purpose of the same, like this tournament requires the user to run graphic-heavy games, so the rigs have been fixed with the powerful Strix series graphic cards.

Asus will also be using this partnership and platform to give the audience a peak at the EX – B150M – V3 motherboard, which has currently only been launched at ROG certified gaming cafes in India. Ten of the twenty-five rigs built specifically for this tournament are powered by this particular motherboard.

Mr. Vinay Shetty, Regional Director, India and South Asia, Asus, also comments on the partnership:

PC Gaming has always been the focal point at ASUS. Partnering with NODWIN Gaming and ESL would be the perfect synergy of the world’s highest grade quality equipment supplementing one of the biggest tournaments in the world. Our ROG flagships of products have been designed specifically keeping gamers in mind.

E-sport tournaments in India has leap frogged and reached the current scenario in a couple of years. ESL and Nodwin Gaming are also the ones responsible for shouldering the burden of spreading awareness about electronic sports in the country. It has also helped boost the confidence of thousands of Indian gamers to participate in such tournaments. The ESL India Premiership kicks off the tournament in Pune on 29th July, and will soon travel and conduct similar tournaments around the country including Bangalore and Delhi.

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