The stock iOS Camera app is great, but it still has its limitations. In a bid to offer a more flexible and enhanced experience, Microsoft has today announced Microsoft Pix, a new iOS camera client that uses artificial intelligence(AI) to automatically improve your photos. The app also creates Live Images that are like iOS’ Live Photos and much more.

Most users, once they use this camera app, will find that Microsoft Pix’s claims aren’t false. In fact, the app exceeds expectations. Comparing it with the standard iOS Camera app, Pix produces better images with richer detail and a much more natural colour reproduction. Not just that, the app makes any plain, random photo seem like it has been shot by a professional.

The reason Pix is so good is because it uses artificial intelligence. Essentially, the app is always snapping pictures once you turn it on(doesn’t it sound a bit creepy!?). When you press the shutter button, the app analyses ten frames before and after you expose the shutter. You’re just giving the app info about an approximate moment of when to shoot the right picture. It then analyses all these shots and uses AI to present you with the best picture possible.

That’s just half the story, though. The app also uses these shots to tweak your picture’s color and sharpness settings. After the app is done with the whole auto enhance stuff, it presents you with your original snapshot and the enhanced one. Allowing you to select which picture you like more. As the app is continuously shooting bursts or groups of photos shot in rapid succession, it deletes all the pictures except for the one you select to conserve memory.


According to Microsoft, Pix works much better when there are people in the frame. But it’s picturing enhancing quality doesn’t falter even if you’re shooting a scenery or any other random subject.

The app also allows you to edit, share and favorite photos. All this in a UI that’s nothing more complex than Apple’s own camera client.

Pix is also capable of shooting Live Photos. Microsoft likes to call them Live Images though. These are a batch of pictures taken in rapid succession to simulate motion. But this happens only when the app senses motion. So you don’t have to worry about Pix using up storage space unnecessarily. The app stores your captures in both the iOS device’s default image gallery, as well the Pix app’s dedicated gallery, the latter allows for viewing batches of pics for easier navigation.

Microsoft Pix is currently live on the App Store if you want to try it, and believe me, you do.

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