Singapore headquartered FinTech company Touché in an announcement today revealed that it has scored a capital funding of US$2 million. The funding will enable the company to move forward in further development of the solution and production of devices. Also, it plans to expand into multiple markets in the near future.

Touché offers a biometric solution that will reduce the need of carrying around various cards. It has developed a patent pending solution that merges state-of-the-art biometric technology with client data.


Sahba Saint-Claire, CEO of Touché

Sahba Saint-Claire, CEO of Touché, said,

Touché has reached a turning point in its progress to take this revolutionary technology to the world. The fact that we are able to acquire this very important funding is testament to the belief in and ultimately the endorsement of our product and the Touché solution.

For customers

Touché makes use of fingerprints in the mechanical sales transaction process secure and personal. Not only customers receive the best in service, they get to enjoy much quicker and easier payment transactions. Also, they receive full benefits of their registered credit card and loyalty programmes.

The users have to register only once through a Touché device after making a traditional credit card payment or by joining any loyalty or membership programme by the partner business. Their fingerprints are then linked automatically to their payment card and loyalty programmes. Thereafter, they are able to use any registered card, while automatically receiving membership entitlements.

The firm utilises a “live detection” technology to lessen customers’ fear of identity theft by digitising the customers’ fingerprints, which are the sole identifier in all the transactions. Most importantly, copies cannot be made.

German Ruiz, the Chief Technology Officer, commented,

As people, we use our hands for things that matter to us; that is why at Touché, we work with the most advanced biometric technology to create this commercial application, allowing us to offer a unique experience to users in their interaction with the merchants using Touché devices.

For businesses

The solution enables businesses to know their clients and provide them with a unique experience that is fast and secure. It effectively streamlines the point of sales process, allowing them to focus on delivering a heightened level of personalised service.

One of the key driving factors for businesses is customer retention and delivering personalised service that goes beyond customer expectations. Additionally, it effectively helps businesses to discover their customer interactions through proprietary analytics – the more they know their clients, the more personalised the exchanges. As a result, they never miss an opportunity to recognise and acknowledge their loyal customers, create bespoke offers and maintain long- term relationships.

Terence Khoo, Director of BTI,

I believe that our partnership will go from strength to strength as we roll out our current and future plans further into the global market. We look forward to establishing Touché as a game- changer in the climate of increasingly progressive technology business.


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