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If you’ve been using the Apple Music service released by Cupertino last year, then you might be aware of the apps capability to match and sync songs on your device to the cloud. However, for the past year users have been complaining that the service wouldn’t properly match existing songs that the users had in their iTunes libraries. 

But, Apple is now shifting from a less accurate matching technology to audio fingerprinting that was already available to users in the Apple Music subscription package. The company is now quietly rolling out iTunes Match audio fingerprint technology to match and sync you’ve already purchased, reports The Loop.

This algorithm is more accurate than the previous less accurate metadata version of iTunes Match, and should enable you to accurately match the correct version of a particular song. So you no longer have to worry about Apple replacing your favorite acoustic song with the studio version of the same, while matching.

If you subscribe to Apple Music, you don’t need to do anything to receive the new version of iTunes Match. Apple is switching over 1% to 2% of its users every day, automatically.

reports Jim Dalrymple of The Loop.

All Apple Music subscribers will be shifted to the new iTunes Match algorithm for no extra charges. Once activated, this service will rematch each and every song on your device to the correct version and not auto-delete any copies of the song as well. And most importantly, following the introduction of the new algorithm, you will be able to re-download songs from your iCloud library DRM-free.

iTunes Match

Laying more focus on music, Apple introduced a completely redesigned Music app alongside iOS 9 last year. While Cupertino did a great job building the app from the ground up, but it was offering a good for nothing music matching algorithm to free users of the service. The ‘iTunes Match’ subscription service, which demands you to shell out $25 per year, allows you to accurately sync your personal music to the cloud.

It checks your music against more than 43 million songs that are currently available in the iTunes Store. And if it doesn’t find a match for a particular song it uploads it directly to your iCloud, which can then be accessed from any of your devices. This gives you immediate access to all your music without having to worry about memory on the device, you can always download the music you want to be available for listening offline.

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