In continued push to bootstrapped businesses in India, business accelerator Jaarvis, along with CoworkIn, is organizing “Startup Masterclass – Bootstrapped Business Plan”. It will be held on 23rd July at Co-Workin, Nehru Place, New Delhi.

Business plan is one of the most crucial part of any business. While there are many budding entrepreneurs out there, not all have better understanding of a business plan. To address the issues regarding money management and business plans, Jaarvis Accelerator and CoworkIn are organizing a workshop named “Startup Masterclass: Bootstrapped Business Plan”.

It is a hands-on open to entrepreneurs event. It will help entrepreneurs to create their own business plans for their bootstrapped businesses. The event is aimed to helps budding entrepreneurs in minimizing the costs, focus on break-even and to utilize cash efficiently.

The first session in the event is titled “The Money Plan Hustle”. It will focus on requirement of money for the business. Sometimes, amount asked by the founders for the business is confusing or unpractical. The session will focus on such issues and will demonstrate how much actual money is required.

During the session, a sample business plan for the session will be prepared. It will include all costs incur during sales, marketing, manpower, technology, etc. The session will help you to understand the concepts of cash inflow and outflow.

After lunch and networking break, there will be a second session titled “Create your own Bootstrapped Business Plan”. In the second session, a basic template of a business plan will be provided.

You will then have to develop your business plan from the scratch. It will help you to better understand how much money do you need, when do you need and how soon can you be cash flow positive on a monthly basis.

The pricing for this one day workshop is Rs. 300, which also includes lunch. For more information, head over to the event’s Facebook page. Few members of our team will also be present at the event. Don’t forget to say hi!

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