Microsoft has today — by mistake — announced the release date for the biggest update coming to Windows 10 since its release. The Anniversary Update is expected to be made available to all user on 2nd August.

In a blogpost release, that possessed only a headline (a similar goof-up happened with one of Microsoft’s earlier acquisitions as well) and no detailed content was put up on the official Microsoft blog yesterday evening. The blogpost which seems to be intended for release in the near future was somehow posted earlier than expected.

The blogpost which included just the headline ‘Microsoft announces Windows 10 Anniversary Update available Aug. 2’ has since then been removed. But, it surely gives us Windows fan-boys an expected release date to look upto. And since Microsoft had announced that it will release the Anniversary Update in the coming summer, so it seems an appropriate date for the release.

Upcoming Features

Microsoft had first announced the Windows 10 Anniversary Update at the Build’16 Developer Conference. It gave us a peek into a slew of new features that will be updated in the Windows 10 service. Since, it is being considered the biggest update to Windows 10 since its inception last year, it is sure to pack a punch.

The biggest changes coming in the Anniversary Update include Native Bash support on Windows(in partnership with Canonical), improvements to its quirky personal assistant Cortana. In addition to this, Redmond will also be introducing the new workspace called ‘Windows Ink‘. This will help users exploit the updated features of the stylus.

Microsoft has also been running the Windows Insider program which lets users try and provide feedback on features that are going to be introduced in the future builds. The Insiders have received another preview yesterday and this update bumps the build number to 14376. There are some 1800+ odd bug fixes in this newly released build.

Improved Update Practice

In addition to this, Microsoft has also boasted that over 300 million machines have already accepted their OS-as-a-service(even if they had to push it down people’s throats). And it plans achieve its 1 billion user mark by 2018.

And Microsoft has been sneaky in automatically updating users PC’s to Windows 10 by changing the ‘x’ buttons functionality to accept the update rather than decline it. It recently also had to shell out $10,000 due to the same sneaky feature, that rendered a user’s PC stuck and unusable.

But Redmond is now coming clean and changing the way it serves the Windows 10 update notification to the users. The new interface will feature three buttons with clear options, including Upgrade now, Choose time (in other words, schedule the upgrade time), or Decline free offer. And it will restore the inherent functionality of the ‘x’ button to dismiss the offer, rather than taking it as a consent for the upgrade.

All things considered, the free Windows 10 upgrade policy is about to come to an end in the following month. And this change probably won’t affect Microsoft’s potential user adoption, but it will definitely reduce the frustration of the users towards the company.

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