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After bestowing India with its own AWS data-center in Mumbai, Amazon is now planning to setup one of its ‘pop-up’ loft in Bengaluru. It says that since the startup ecosystem in India is at the cusp of maturity, it wants to help them accelerate their product growth.

The lofts setup by the cloud services platform AWS offer services ranging from open workspaces and consulting to networking services. These pop-up lofts are essentially a place for entrepreneurs to grab a coffee, work on their app and get in-person support from the AWS technical team.

Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services broke the aforementioned news to ET at the AWS Summit saying that,

We are looking closely at Bengaluru to set up a loft. Obviously because of the startups, it is one of the places we are looking at very hard.

There are two sorts of pop-up lofts setup by Amazon Web Services around the world. Some are temporary like those in London and Tel Aviv(should be permanent) while those in San Francisco and New York are permanent. There is currently no confirmation whether the loft in Bengaluru will be temporary or a permanent one.

Things to do at a Pop-up Loft

The infrastructure-as-a-service division of Amazon in a bid to expand its cloud services and help startups with in-person technical sessions started setting-up Pop-up lofts around the world. India being the fore-runner of a growing Internet economy sooner or later would have attracted AWS to step afoot in the country.

And now we’ve not only getting a data-center but a pop-up loft too. So, you should continue reading to know what will be in store for you at the pop-up lofts.

  • One-on-one Problem Solving: If you’re facing an issue with your app deployment, you can walk into a pop-up loft anytime and have a 1:1 session with the AWS technical team. You don’t even need an appointment.
  • Technical Sessions: AWS also goes so-far to arrange some of the highest-rated and best-attended sessions by AWS Solution Architects, Product Managers and Evangelists. Topics of discussion include Introduction to AWS, Big Data, Compute & Networking, Architecture, Security among many others.
  • AWS Technical Bootcamps: These full-day bootcamps are limited to 20 participants and include hands-on lab exercises using a live environment with the AWS console.
  • Hands-on Lab Sessions: Also similar to 1:1 problem solving. Just walk-in at any time to experience how each offering from the cloud service works. It offers labs for beginners through advanced users on a multitude of topics.

Mumbai Data Center

Yesterday, the star of the hour was the new Mumbai region data center that was inaugurated at the AWS Summit. With over 75k Indian developers already using Amazon’s cloud services, the company had expressed their interest to bring the AWS services to India.

The AWS Mumbai region launched yesterday has been broken into two separate availability zones, so it can provide even lower latency and data sovereignty to their end users. Also the data center present in each availability zone is independent of each other, adding to the fault tolerance of the servers.

The Mumbai data center will help bolster the undergoing work in the Indian healthcare and banking sectors. The company at the Summit also announced that they will be looking to partner with the government in its Digital India Initiative.

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