In order to broaden its reach beyond smartphone processors and small IOT projects, MediaTek is launching its Helio X20 Development Board in partnership with Linaro. The development board is based on company’s high-end Helio X-20 mobile processor.

In another first by MediaTek, this development board is the first in the industry to employ the tri-cluster, deca-core, and ARM Cortex-A72 technology. Since the advanced board is based on Linaro’s 96Board specifications, it broadens MediaTek’s reach beyond Internet of Things(IOT) market.

One could easily leverage the tri-cluster deca-core structure of the development board to more efficiently handle different types of work-loads. It has the intelligence to delegate the simpler tasks to one cluster of cores, while using the other cores for more complex and power-hungry tasks. This results in a smoother experience with an extended battery life.

Jeffrey Ju, Executive VP and co-Chief Operating Officer at MediaTek boasts about the board performance capabilities and says that,

With our new development board we give developers amazing computing performance and unmatched power efficiency of the MediaTek Helio X20 that our customers use for commercial products. This goes to MediaTek’s core of finding new ways to bring technology to the masses.

Due to fragmentation in the development board market, MediaTek has joined hands with Linaro, an open-source organization. And, since the advanced development board is compatible with Linaro’s 96Board specification, it extends the board’s functionality to meet the needs of the Android developer community. Developers can use the advanced board to develop IOT, advanced driver assisted systems(ADAS), mobile point-of-sale solutions for existing and emerging markets.

In addition to this, the MediaTek Helio X20 Development Board is also compatible with other 96Boards products for other solutions. This means that the developers can port their work onto the Helio X20 development board and enjoy the flexibility it has to offer.

David Rusling, Linaro’s CTO comments about the partnership saying that,

The Helio X20 Development board will enhance the range of 96Boards development platforms, enabling commercial and hobbyist developers working on the next generation of products and software. We look forward to developers taking advantage of the new performance levels that MediaTek is providing.

But, you’ll have to wait to deploy your application on the advanced Helio X20 Development Board, as it not available in the market as of now. It will very soon be made available in Asian markets.

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