Facebook now believes that the forced tactic of making users download an app — to keep enjoying its services is the only way to push the undermined services forward. The company is now trying to shove their photo-sharing app ‘Moments‘ down the users throat.

The company is urging(or warning) the users to download their photo-sharing application in order to protect their synced photos, much like what they did with Messenger. Its giving users a deadline of 7th July to either download their synced albums or download the ‘Moments’ application to prevent the deletion of their precious memories.

Once the deadline has passed, Facebook is expected to delete your synced albums. The company is thus taking steps to notify the users of this change. As a preventive measure, the company has sent out emails telling users to download the application before their photos get deleted(including a button to take them to the App Store).

Well, I’m guessing most users don’t even know that Facebook has privately synced all of their photos to their cloud, and is now asking you to offer them more number of users/downloads to boast about. Photo syncing was a feature introduced for Facebookers on iOS, who could keep(sync) a copy of their photos on the social network making it easier to find and share with your friends later.

But, Facebook killed the photo syncing feature on 10th of January, 2016 and urged the users who wish to continue enjoying the features of the photo sync service can download its Moments app. But, now its just directly forcing the application on them.

And now that you’ve forgotten that there ever was such a service which allowed you to make a synced album folder on Facebook and save the photos you’ve clicked there, the company wants to strong-arm you into downloading another of their (ahem!)useless application.

The masses are enraged with the company’s outlook, who want them to download another application to protect something from deletion, that in-the-first-place belongs to them. Facebook had used a similar tactic to push the users to download their messaging service ‘Messenger’. The company had decided to shut down the messaging service on the Android and iOS applications, to force users to download the messaging app.

And if you think about it carefully, Facebook’s move to panic the users into downloading another application to save their photos seems to working really well. The application has jumped from slacking with the back-benchers to the most downloaded application on the App Store in the past 24 hours.

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