Microsoft’s free and open-source text editor Visual Studio Code gets its version 1.2 update today. The latest update brings in a variety of on-demand features and enhancements to the software that make using it much easier and simpler.

Code now gets  the second most common feature request– a terminal right inside of the text editor. This feature was already available in other free text editors. It will allow you to open command lines on the Terminal on Mac and Linux or Command Prompt on Windows without having to switch applications. You can open the terminal using Ctrl+`, from the ‘View | Toggle Integrated Terminal menu’, or from the ‘View > Toggle Integrated Terminal’ command in the Command Palette.

You also get the ability to trim automatically inserted whitespace. Using pre-defined indenting rules, the editor will now automatically insert whitespace when you enter a new line. You will also be able to select all find results by pressing Alt+Enter. Word based completions can be turned off now and the Peek view editor that shows for reference search and for previewing declarations can now be resized.

The next big feature of Visual Studio Code 1.2 is the new tabbed view. This feature has been long available in other free text editors, like Atom and Sublime Text, just like the command line. It will allow users to stack the multiple windows around the screen to make organization and work simple.

During this milestone, we focused on managing stacks of open editors. In the picture below, you can see that the left pane has two editors open, the center pane has four, and the right pane has two more,

the team wrote,

Files listed in italics are preview files, they allow you to single click and browse files without cluttering the list of open editors and eventually tabs.

The feature is currently available as an Insiders Release and Microsoft says that the mainstream release might still take a while.

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