In a continued bid to match up parent Facebook and siblings Whatsapp and Messenger in userbase, Instagram has finally added ‘two years in working’ , ios share extensions to make posting pictures on your timeline faster and easier. Interestingly Instagram had started rolling out share extensions to developers along with the release of iOS 8 two years ago, but nothing really happened post that.

Currently, the share extensions are available in select few apps including Facebook and Twitter. The feature allows users to post pictures to their timelines directly from other apps. And even though Facebook-owned Instagram was one of the first apps to introduce the service on iOS, it took the company almost two years to get the app to mainstream users.

Anyone on iOS can use the service by updating to the latest version of Insta from the App Store. Then, they can select any picture from any app and choose the ‘Share’ option. You will see a new icon labelled Instagram that will help you upload the snap to your favourite picture sharing platform. A new window will open that will allow you to write a caption before posting the still or video.

The service can be used via any app including the built-in Photos app, picture editors etc. While all this may seem awesome, there is one particular drawback that might take away the fun of direct posting, unlike on Android, iOS share extensions for Instagram don’t allow you to use Instagram’s filter and editing tools unless you open its app. This means that if you want to use the edit tools, you still have to go through the main app. The whole idea of share extensions is for hardcore users who like to keep their lives posted on the social media service and not people who use Instagram as just a hobby.

The update comes just after Instagram announced that it is taking to an algorithmic timeline deviating from its classic reverse chronological one.

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